Friday, November 21, 2014

Need a Laugh?

Sometimes we all just need a laugh. Well, maybe this will help.

There are certain products on Amazon which have fictional reviews; written to show the ridiculousness of the product itself or just because someone wants to write funny fiction. Apparently, the Samsung UN105S9 Curved 105-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV is one of these is listed at $119,999.99!!! So, it deserves these absurd reviews. Here is a sample:
I was able to purchase this amazing television with an FHA loan (30 year fixed-rate w/ 4.25% APR) and only 3.5% down. This is, hands down, the best decision I've ever made. And the box it came in is incredibly roomy too, which is a huge bonus, because I live in it now.

I measured the TV and it was actually 104.6 inches not 105 so I returned it.

This TV is great! It looks so much like real life that I almost feel like I have one! Before I bought this I would sit at home all alone wiping my tears with $100 bills and leopard fur for hours on end. Now I can trick myself into thinking that the people on the screen are actually my friends. Thanks Samsung!

I had the opportunity to save 24,000 lives in Africa. I decided this curved TV would be better for the world. Thank you Samsung. You are a savior.

For $1 more you can buy the city of Detroit.

Picked up one these little beauties this morning, with only 1 issue. 50 bucks for the mini wall mount speakers that accompany it? Does it look like I'm made of money, Samsung?

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