Thursday, April 10, 2014

Lenten Reflection for Thursday, April 10

April 10, 2014

Genesis 17:3-9 * John 8:51-59

This Gospel reading is an example of the people in Jesus’ time doubting him, just as we doubt him in our day and age. Many times we believe that if we could only see Jesus in person we would finally believe, and all our doubts would be gone. But in the Gospel, Christ was speaking face to face with people, telling them the Good News, and they didn’t believe. He didn’t walk around glorifying himself with his own actions, he pointed all back to his Father.

Christ challenged the Jews at that time, and us now, to be countercultural. He was preaching a Gospel that was very different than the norms of his time, and by doing so, he created many enemies. When he spoke the truth, he lost many followers. He did not soften up the message back then, and he does not soften up the message for us now. With our world being even more immoral than in his time, he is calling us to be even greater saints and to bring others with us.

  • What actually comes to mind when we hear Jesus say “I Am”?
  • How often do we doubt in Christ’s love?
  • How can we go about purifying our love for Christ during this Lenten Season?

Berny Ross
Class of 2015
Major: Accounting

St. Mary's Catholic Center will post a daily reflection from a student, former student, or staff member every day of Lent. We have compiled these reflections into a handout, given to our students on Ash Wednesday.

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