Friday, February 7, 2014

Letter To The Editor

On Wednesday, I saw an article about the United Nations chastising the Vatican for how the Church handled the sex-abuse scandals. Later in the day, I saw other articles popping up about it, including the Associated Press' article, which is even more scathing in it's bias.

I knew that my local paper wouldn't be able to resist, so I tweeted the following:

They took the bait and put the AP story on the front page. But, they took it one step further and cut off the end of the story (in the print edition), where the real agenda of the U.N. (and hypocrisy) is revealed - trying to get the Catholic Church to change her doctrine. In other words, the story was written, and then edited, to make the Church look as bad as possible.

So, I felt compelled to respond with a letter. They printed it this morning:
On Feb. 5, a story about the United Nations rebuking the Catholic Church was released. Knowing the tendency of The Eagle to carry any negative story about Catholicism, I tweeted my prediction that it would be prominently covered the next morning.

Like clockwork, it was front page. As Baylor scholar Philip Jenkins (a Protestant) has declared, anti-Catholicism is the last acceptable prejudice. To be clear, abusing a minor is criminal and sinful. But, the Catholic Church has done more than any other international organization to stop such acts. In the United States, the reports have dwindled to a fraction of other religious organizations. Catholicism now has the strictest of policies.

Furthermore, the Vatican is leading others in addressing it. Pope Francis recently formed a commission to go even further. If the U.N. intended to look out for children, why not address the problems within the countries the committee's members represent: Thailand's high rates of child sex slavery, Syria's gassing of children, Uganda's forcing kids into war, the United States'  high rate of abuse in public schools and cover-ups at much higher rates than the Catholic Church.

Why not? Because it doesn't fit the U.N.'s agenda. Furthermore, the U.N. report urged the Vatican to change doctrine on abortion, gay marriage and contraception! The real issue is that Catholicism doesn't meet the progressive cultural agenda. This is blatant hypocrisy.

I wonder if The Eagle would carry the same kind of story if it was about Judaism or Islam? I have my doubts.

College Station
Of course, they couldn't help themselves with the title of the letter - "Just knew The Eagle would run a story bashing the Catholic Church"


Gert said...

Good letter. Thanks for taking the time to defend the faith.

Gerry M said...

It could have also been said that Pope Benedict XVI laicized 400 priests in 2 years "over claims of child abuse" for evidence that the Church is doing something substantial.

Gerry M