Monday, February 24, 2014

10 Signs You Are Catholic

10 Signs You Are Catholic
  1. You are nice enough to save the pews in the front of church for the latecomers. (You also save the comfy middle part of the pew for others).
  2. You can follow every prayer in Mass, regardless of what language it is in.
  3. You have given up something sweet for least a dozen times before.
  4. You dress a lot nicer when you know you might see the Bishop.
  5. You have genuflected (or started to) in a movie theater.
  6. You could be a professional weaver of palm crosses, though you do it only one day a year.
  7. You complain when the parish buys a new brand of Communion wine.
  8. You can say a family rosary on a trip in less than 15 minutes and know that God still heard it over the baby screaming.
  9. You remember more Latin than the foreign language you actually took classes for during high school.
  10. You played the "Mass game" when you were a kid.
Some that didn't make the list, but could:
-Knows what thurible, magisterium, and mystagogy mean.
-Starts praying every time you hear bells ringing.

What did I forget?


Honour said...

*Your kids bless themselves with fountain water when you go out to eat.

*What you wear to mass is color coordinated with the season... the liturgical one.

Karla Gonzalez said...

You make the Sign of Cross before you start anything. Even before getting out of bed. Especially when you eat, take an exam, and pass a Catholic church while driving.

Danielle said...

When your dog sits and offers his paw when he sees you make the sign of the cross before meals.