Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bishop Mike Sis

Yesterday thousands of Catholics came together in San Angelo, TX to participate in the ordination and installation of Bishop Michael Sis as the 6th Bishop of San Angelo.

Because he was the pastor of St. Mary's Catholic Center for 13 1/2 years, there were hundreds of Aggie Catholics on hand, including dozens of priests who credit their call to the priesthood to Bishop Mike.

The joy in the room was palpable, as you can tell from the photos. Some touches you might want to know about:
  • Bishop Mike's father is a permanent deacon who was on the altar and who proclaimed the Gospel.
  • Bishop Mike's Episcopal ring, as sign of his office, was made from broken jewelry from his parents. It has a fisherman's hook on it as a sign of his apostolic call to be a fisher of men.
  • Bishop Mike's crosier was made by Fr. David Konderla, our Pastor at St. Mary's Catholic Center.
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The Apostolic Nuncio reads the letter from Pope Francis

Bishop-elect Mike takes it all in.

Bishop-elect Mike lies prostrate in preparation for ordination.

Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Sillar, of San Antonio, ordains Bishop Mike.

The Book of the Gospels is held over his head as a sign of his faithfulness to the Good News.

Bishop Mike is anointed with oil.

Bishop Mike is presented with his ring (made from broken jewelry of his parents, his miter and his crosier (which was made by his friend and our Pastor - Fr. David Konderla)

Bishop Mike is seated as Bishop of San Angelo, next to his father, who is a permanent Deacon (who proclaimed the Gospel).

Bishop Mike blesses his mother.

Bishop Mike's mother kisses the newly ordained Bishop while his father looks on.

Bishop Michael J. Sis, Bishop of San Angelo.

Bishop Mike processes around the arena blessing the people during shouts of joy and applause.

The Bishops leave the arena.

Dominicans with Bishop Mike.

Aggie Catholics with Bishop Mike (and one confused child).
Thanks to Jaime Roman, Jr. and Randy Light for the pictures!


Gert said...

I felt such joy looking at these picts.

I think back to 1998 when my oldest started at A&M and we took him to Mass Saturday evening. What a joy it was to attend Mass for the first time at St. Mary's and to hear Father Sis give his sermon.

So much has transpired since then. But Father Sis is still the same holy man he was then. San Angelo is fortunate to have him as is the Church.

Fawn Simpson said...

Looking at these pictures have made me so happy. I couldn't be there but thanks to these pictures and Red-C I feel like I was. God Bless Bishop Sis.

BarbnAggieland said...

Excellent article! I was thrilled to be there and this captured the memories well! I thought others would be interested in a few more details. Chuck Konderla, little brother of Father David writes:
Father David Konderla made the crozier (staff). On the crozier: it is made from red oak wood with two "beads" made of eucalyptus marginata from Southwest Australia which commonly goes by the Aboriginal name Jarrah. The red oak came from a tree that once grew in the front yard of the rectory at St. Mary's. The Jarrah is a piece left over from the trim wood that was used in the construction of the student center at St. Mary's. In addition the crozier has five red garnets mounted in white gold mountings to capture the theme from his the coat of arms of the five wounds of Christ.