Thursday, November 7, 2013

Top 25 Ways To NOT Evangelize

Top 25 Ways To NOT Evangelize

25 - Never have fun. But, be super-serious. ALL THE TIME!

24 - Get overly emotional or react in a negative way when someone attacks your beliefs.

23 - Only go for numbers and keep strict track of how many Catholics "you have made" of others.

22 - Ask the person you just met, "do you know Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior?"

21 - Start a conversation with a non-Catholic with "What can I pray to Mary about for you?"

20 - Don't pray. Prayer has no power and can't change anything.

19 - Never think of the conversion of others. That isn't the point.

18 - Think it is all up to your own power of persuasion or personality. Forget that God is Savior and believe you can convince someone else even if Jesus had people reject Him.

17 - Think of evangelization as the work of a committee, group, or activity. Never think about it in the ordinary things.

16 - Apologetics-only approach. Pound it. All the time.

15 - Never ask questions of someone else. They are only interested in what you have to say.

14 - Assume lots. For instance, if someone says they are "Catholic" assume they go to church. If they are an "agnostic" assume they are afraid of making a decision. Etc.

13 - Never consider that culture might have a profound impact on others.

12 - Don't ever talk about how God has changed your life. Testimony schestimony.

11 - Hide in safe Christian environments and never try to change the world. It will only be bad for you and you can't change anything anyway.

10 - Post a sign outside your church that says "Eternity is a long time to be wrong". I actually saw this once.

9 - Argue with someone about being right, either in person or on the interwebs.

8 - Use violence or manipulation. Try to be a religious bully.

7 - Mistake social justice as the whole of evangelization. Mother Teresa was only a social worker, didn't you know?

6 - Scream into a bullhorn and use "going to hell" often. Talk about fornicators, sinners, etc.

5 - Avoid all controversial subjects so others will like you more. Stick to weather and sports. Don't talk about Jesus ever.

4 - Expect everyone to be at the same place you are, to see the world as you do, and to speak the same language you do.

3 - Don't do or say anything that might challenge you to reach out to others.

2 - Preach a false gospel (e.g., the health and wealth gospel, all religions are the same, etc.)

1 - Live a life contrary to the Gospel. No need to live it out.


Any others I missed? Add them in the comments.


Jim Bethancourt said...

Tom Short on campus again?

Martina said...

I wrote a series on how not to evangelize almost a couple of years ago. I still get a chuckle out of them! ;)