Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Mother's Tears

A while back, my mom sent me this article on abortion and the cost of abortion to our nation. I told her the following quote struck me:
"Abortion was not a cause, but a reflection of our decadence and deviancy. One does not begin to kill babies until other dominos have fallen. And once they have fallen, it becomes difficult to set them aright because to do so would require an admission of something so horrible that those responsible for this fetal holocaust would have to acknowledge their sin and repent of it. Such a thing is not a character trait of this most pampered generation."
My mother and father raised all of us to be very pro-life. They modeled it by showing how everyone needs to be loved. 

  • They took us to pro-life rallies.
  • They prayed for the unborn and their parents.
  • They loved those that disagreed with them.
  • They voted their consciences.
  • They voiced their opinions.
  • They took in foster children, when no one else would.
My mother and father are truly witnesses to the Gospel of Life, especially through their suffering and sacrifices. So, when my mother wrote me back the following - it struck me to the heart.
"In 1973 when I sat and cried the day the Supreme Court voted to allow abortion as a legal right, my first thought was that our nation had fallen into a great abyss, clouded by the great sin of killing one's own. How could we sink any deeper?
Thank you so much for loving and caring for the little ones that God has sent you."
On the day Roe v Wade was decided, I lived inside my mother's womb.
I cried with her.

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