Monday, November 25, 2013

A "Hobo For Christ"

Recently, God introduced St. Mary’s to a very interesting person: Meg Hunter-Kilmer. Meg is a traveling Catholic evangelist who drives around the country giving talks and retreats to pretty much anyone who will listen. A self-proclaimed “Hobo for Christ,” Meg does not have a permanent home and has everything she owns packed in her car. She travels from place to place spreading the gospel and trusting in God to give her opportunities to preach the good news.

Meg happened to be in College Station, and our Theology of the Body group, TheREVOLUTION, needed a speaker for their Eat.Dance.Love event. Meg spoke about how to live Theology of the Body in our everyday interactions with other people. We were all blown away by her passion and the dynamic way in which she engaged the students. The event was a total success, and we can’t wait for Meg’s next stop in College Station, whenever that will be. You can see the video of her talk below.

If you want to learn more about Meg or how to contact her about speaking, visit her website.

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