Friday, October 11, 2013

Fr. Barron Gives Us A Great Reflection On The Movie Gravity.

I saw the movie Gravity last week. I liked it a lot and thought the themes of faith, redemption, divinity, humanity, and love ran throughout the movie. In fact, I think it is one of the more artistic films in a long while. The cinematography is some of the best ever, with mind-blowing images of space. Furthermore, although the script isn't perfect, it is good enough to carry the themes above.

Fr. Barron has a great commentary on it:

Some of the things he didn't talk about:

  • The Chinese station had a Buddha statue in it. The Russian station had an image of St. Christopher in it. Add that to the reference on the Hindu sacred river, the Ganges, and we see the universal human desire for God being called upon.
  • What about the American ship? It offers us the image of Marvin the Martian. Sadly, the film tells us the Americans are the ones most off the mark, which may be true in some cases.
  • Also, there is a scene of baptism at the end, where Bullock is "born-again" and emerges to then have the ability to thank God.
  • Finally - in space there is no sound. It is in this "silence" that Bullock finds God. Where else could we find Him but in silence?

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Grace Uribe said...

Thanks for your narrative. I enjoyed the analysis you did to this movie. I am glad this a different movie that I can enjoy with my family.