Friday, July 26, 2013

St. Mary's Catholic Center Sets New Record!

Aggie Catholic Priests
We here at St. Mary's Catholic Center are very blessed to have a lot of students who discern the priesthood and religious life seriously.

This has led to a number of Aggie Vocations - we have at least 135 Aggie priests, deacons and religious who have taken permanent vows. We also have over 50 Aggies currently in the seminary and in formation for the religious life.

This year we have set a new record for Aggies entering the seminary and religious life at 15 men and women!

Please pray that God might continue to call men and women to holiness through vocations to the priesthood and religious life.

If you want to see a map of what kind of impact Aggie vocations are making, you can click on this map of where our Aggies are serving and have served (NOTE - some of the data on this map is dated a few years).


Beth said...

Did you count the son of Aggie parents entering seminary this Fall? If not, then, I would...St. Mary's works through the generations! There may be more of these, I just personally know of one.

Marcel said...

Beth - We only count those that have attended Texas A&M and Blinn College (Bryan).

Blair said...

What wonderful news! And what a cool map with all the locations. We did notice that several of our friends are listed incorrectly/wrong locations or not listed at all. Maybe it needs updating? Or maybe it's just for a visual effect and doesn't really matter?

Marcel said...

As stated in the post - the map is dated.