Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Russia Holds 1st Eucharist Procession since 1918!


Jonathan Kotinek said...

Felicitations on the momentous event. The video is a bit misleading since there have been quite a number of public religious celebrations since the fall of the communist regime.

It seems that this is perhaps notable because Orthodox do not have the same practice of Eucharistic adoration as Catholics, and Catholics are a religious minority in Russia.

Marcel said...

Jonathan - I don't think it is midleading, in the sense that the Catholic Church has not had one.

Jonathan Kotinek said...

I think it's a semantic difference, but gets at the heart of a very contentious Catholic presence and history in Russia. By glossing over the fact that there have been other public religious celebrations, this seems to be a bigger deal for Russians than most Russians would recognize.

Didn't want to make this contentious.