Monday, January 28, 2013

Help Us Name Our New Radio Show!

If you didn't know, St. Mary's Catholic Center has a radio station.

I am starting a new radio show soon, which will be co-hosted by two current college students. The show will be fun, interactive, and current. We will talk about:
  • culture
  • faith
  • Catholic teachings
  • whatever we want that day (i.e. random fun stuff)

The show will also have audience participation and call-in features. We will, of course, podcast each one.

The hope is that we will start off for 1 hour a week for now. The show's purpose is to engage young adults with the message of the Good News about Christ in a way that is engaging, relevant, informative, and fun. The primary audience would be baptized young adult Catholics who have not (as yet) taken hold of their faith as an adult. If the show is good enough and goes as we plan, we might try to take it to a broader audience by searching for a national partner.

So, with this in mind, what would you suggest we name our show! Please put your suggestions in the comments below. Thanks!


SisterLynnD said...

1. Saints Alive - walking the walk and talking the talk of faith

2. The Pete & Paul Show - bringing the faith to a new generation (or Pete and Paula)

3. Millenium 3 - Forming the Faithful for the next millenium

Keith said...

1. Dude Prefect
2. Mary & Rock
3. Good Bull News (where the Good News & Good Bull meet)
4. At the Cross Street
5. Crossing Church Avenue
6. Crossing the Brazos
7. Ask a Catholic a Question
8. They’re Meant for Paradise
9. Poured Forth the Anthem
10. Hullabaloo Catholic Connect
11. And Whoop Your Spirit
12. The Bald & Beautiful