Tuesday, October 16, 2012

If I Were General Of A "War on Women" This Would Be My Battle Plan

If I were General of an army starting a war on women, here is what I would prepare as my battle plan:
  • I would convince women that their fertility is a disease. To be able to create life and carry a baby in their wombs is a drain on a women's happiness and freedom. To truly be happy they must have "control" of their ability to procreate. Part of what makes a woman a woman (the natural function of fertility) would be considered a disease and I would make women think something is wrong with them by having these feminine abilities.
  • I would then turn the purpose of sex into mere pleasure-seeking. Forget what may happen when 2 people have sex - bonding of 2 people + babies - and focus only on the by-product of sex, pleasure. If I can make pleasure the focus, then I distract from life. Of course men would be the big winners here, but I would hide that fact. To further change the meaning of sex, I would introduce sex-selective abortions and even later forced-abortions.
  • Destroy true love. Tell women that the key to relationships is getting something out of it for themselves. If they have to capture a man by hooking up with him, then do it. If they have to dress provocatively or stop demanding respect from men, so be it. To change relationships we change the definition of love to less than what it really is. Make it a feeling, sex - anything but real sacrificial love that is chosen by someone for someone else.
  • Convince women they need to act like men to be equal to men. Only in getting free from kids and husband can a woman be free. A career is the path to happiness. Therefore to be equal she has to be aggressive and competitive in working outside the home. But, in a world where women work less than men on average (because of babies), they will never gain equality and continue to seek happiness where they can never find it!
  • Use modern culture to teach women they are not worthy of love. They need to earn love by running the rat race, changing their bodies to look like porn stars (or at least dress/act like one), and throwing off all the traits of motherhood and marriage. Their unique qualities should not be valued, but rather we should belittle them. 
  • Let nature run it's course by allowing women to suffer the consequences of these choices. 
    • the result of the hook-up culture where women are the losers to men who use them. 
    • broken homes where in women take care of the kids in the majority of situations, which leads to increases in the cycles of violence, poverty, addiction, crime, etc. 
    • increase in abortion, which wounds a women for life because of the reality of killing a baby.
    • etc

  • Impose on women the idea they are deprived of equal rights if others don't pay for their contraception, abortion, and sterilizations. Then try to force all others to pay for such things through government control.
  • Convince women the true enemy is one who loves them most. If we can get them to believe that the source of the fullness of truth and grace - the Catholic Church - is the real enemy, then we have won their hearts and the war...

Of course, if I were the General of the army attacking women I would mask myself as an ally to do all of this under the rhetoric of "women's rights".

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Time Will Tell said...

Luke 23:29
"For the time will come when you will say, 'Blessed are the barren women, the wombs that never bore and the breasts that never nursed!'"
New International Version (©1984)