Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Is This Appropriate?

Tell me - what do you think about this video. You have three options:
  1. The kid will learn a valuable life lesson and a little bit of public shame is no big deal. I would want my kids to have coaches and teachers that would also instill such discipline and behavior.
  2. The coach and the crew should be ashamed of themselves. They humiliated a child and this will do no good in teaching him anything except that he is powerless in such situations.
  3. Something else.
Let me hear your opinions.


Christina said...

When a child does something wrong the thing to do is to make them apologize. At that point they might be sorry that they got caught, but it starts building the conscience.

There is also a method of punishing called natural consequences. What is the natural consequence for not doing your laundry - it doesn't get washed and you stink. What is the natural consequence for being rude to a lot of people - you have to apologize to all of them (and be embarrassed in the process).

Judy said...

Shame is vastly underrated in today's society!

Jacob Neeson said...

"It's good to insult yourself sometimes because the shame and embarrassment might bring you closer to God." I agree with Peter Kreeft.