Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Home Schools Vs. Public Schools

A very interesting infographic. I found the part on external factors especially enlightening - they don't change the success of homeschooled children.

Furthermore, socialization is not an issue. People who have homeschooled must deal with this all the time, but little do others know the average homeschooled kid is more mature and ready for the real world. Having more time to teach them how to properly socialize is one of the main reasons many parents choose homeschooling.

Homeschool Domination
Created by: CollegeAtHome.com


Elaine said...

I like this! Thanks for sharing!

Annie Fitzsimons said...

For the sake of a realistic comparison of the groups that matter most to Catholics, a comparision between homeschoolers and Catholic schools or homeschoolers and private, Christian schools would be more realistic. This information is rather unconvincing, obviously when parents are extremely involved in their children's formation, outcomes are improved substantially. That public schools fall short is nothing new. Why would the homeschool community compare their outcomes to a failed model?

Go Aggies!

Resilient Tucsonian said...

"Why would the homeschool community compare their outcomes to a failed model?"

Because homeschoolers are often criticized for not subjecting their kids to that failed model.

Monty and Marco said...

I'm a long time home schooling Mom, but I have to bring up a sore point: I've always been unimpressed when we homeschoolers resort to questionable comparisons.

Of course our children will test better than public school, where so many kids come from backgrounds of parental neglect. Also, in that public school test score average are included the scores from schools in extremely impoverished areas, which are typically NOT the areas from which many children are home schooled.

For a more informative comparison of of test scores, the test results from homeschoolers should be compared with either area private schools or AT THE VERY LEAST children attending the public school in the same neighborhood.

I'm confident we'll still do respectably.

By the way, the capcha information I'm supposed to duplicate here would seem to indicate I am indeed a robot. I can barely read it.

That Tampa, Florida lady said...

HERE. If you are going to homeschool read what I had to read.


I went to Franciscan and they made me read this to pass national tests.

Annie Fitzsimons said...

I do not criticize homeschooling parents for pulling their children out of public schools when their local school is a failure. I do worry when homeschoolers generalize that homeschooling is better than public education or Catholic schools. And I see little effort from the homeschool community to help other children. A certain degree of self-righteousness.

And not all public education is a failure. For countless Christian parents who have stable marriages and a loving home environment, it is the best option for the family because of the needs of the child.

I've homeschooled, I've sent kids to our parish school. It's not apples to apples. We've gained from both settings. But it is fair to say that had my children not attended Catholic high schools, they would not be in the college situations that we hoped and prayed for. Two of my children are at A&M now-thanks be to God!

Steven said...


I'm pretty sure Dr Jay Wile included Parochial schools in all his comparisons and homeschoolers were still better

Meg Fangman Knopp said...

The most telling study would compare Catholic homeschool students to Catholic school students. With an emphasis on Catechism. As Fulton Sheen alluded to decades ago, one of the surest ways for a child to lose his Faith is to attend Catholic school. Children are sadly being taught heresy and untruths nowadays. And if truly Catholic schools were indeed plentiful, I daresay we would not see such high numbers of Catholic homeschoolers.

Anabelle Hazard said...

Thank you! I'm posting this on FB both for my homeschooling friends (to motivate them for the upcoming year and pat them on the back) and for family who protest (to silence them). BTW, I am a product of a Jesuit college and law school and all I can say is my kids are not going to be schooled that way! I'm adding you up to my blogroll now.

Unknown said...

I am a Roman Catholic, and a professional violinist, teacher and conductor. I am well educated, holding 3 University degrees. I had a seven year career as a Public Educator, and at the end of this stint, I not only quit, but four years later rescinded my credentials in protest. I was and am a proponent of home and private schooling.

A problem is rearing it's head right now that home schoolers are going to have to deal with. Because home schooling is becoming quite trendy, there are a lot of people doing it now that should NOT be and the results are beginning to show.

Most younger parents, especially those educated in public schools, are not equipped to homeschool their children - their education and ability to critical think is not sufficient.

In addition, the public education system is beginning to hijack home schooling - eBus programmes and such are having a subtle and sinister effect on the product.

As a private teacher, I am seeing the results of this in the students I get - they are not as equipped as before, even the home schooled ones.

A heads up.