Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Protestant Bible Translators Take "Father" and "Son" Out of Bible Meant For Muslims

In an attempt to reach out to Muslims, who reject the Trinitarian understanding of God, the Wycliffe Bible Translators (an interdenominational group) has decided to take out the words "Father" and "Son". Several Protestant denominations are in an uproar about it all:
The Presbyterian Church in America's General Assembly on Thursday approved resolutions that criticize Wycliffe Bible Translators new Bible translations geared toward Muslims that omit "Father" and "Son" from the Trinity. PCA delegate Rev. Travis Hutchinson reports the resolutions "passed almost unanimously."

Not even Wycliffe's move to submit to a World Evangelical Alliance's review could stop PCA from expressing its concern over Wycliffe's translation practices. At issue is Wycliffe's contention that in certain "Muslim contexts" where "a literal translation of 'Son of God' would communicate wrong meaning, an alternative form with equivalent meaning may be used."

PCA joins the Assemblies of God, which also has expressed serious reservations in its document about Wycliffe's translation philosophy. The Assemblies of God World Missions has threatened to sever ties if "Father" and "Son" are not translated literally.

Wycliffe has had a long and respected history of Bible translation, but the public rebuke from these denominations could have serious financial implications. The PCA resolutions recommend churches to cut funding not only for questionable Wycliffe translation projects but also for "persons advocating problematic approaches to translation."
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To "water down" the Scriptures is not the way to get Muslims to convert to Christianity. The denominations pushing back are correct in this debate.

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