Monday, May 7, 2012

21st Century Slavery - What it Looks Like and What We Can Do About It

Human Merchandise, Broken Lives
By Clotilde Pichon - St. Mary’s Director of Social Ministries 
and Gerry Hince - St. Mary’s Director of RCIA

Slavery is alive and well…in 2012. It took an amendment to our constitution to free the slaves … and still they exist. It took a civil war for all men to be freed ….but still many are kept in captivity. It took an Alabama lady, a group of Arkansas students and a march on Washington…but still people are in bondage. Human trafficking is alive and well in the world and it is time that we, as Catholics, open our eyes and realize that it does exist and we need to do something about it. We have this vision of what is right and good in the world, but we see very little of the very evil that continues to exist. The purpose of this Matthew 25 is to create awareness about human trafficking, a contemporary form of slavery.

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