Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Trend - Divorce Rings

I wish I was kidding.
The national divorce rate may be on the decline, but post-marriage pride is growing faster than ever. Divorce bling, from rings to necklaces, are the new must-have accessory after papers are signed. At least, that's what jewelry-makers would like you to believe.
Here is one description:
The rings are worn in place of a wedding band and take their inspiration from traditional wedding and marriage symbols, but with a dark twist. One of the divorce rings designed by Gisele Ganne, priced from £850, mixes symbols we’d associate with love and marriage, including a bride’s bouquet and pink delicate gems combined with a bird’s skull.
Then there are divorce necklaces. An example below:
Celebrating a broken relationship? Lord help us.


Katy Anders said...


What would be the purpose behind such a thing?

Is it just someone trying to capitalize on a potential niche market? Is there a group of people for whom divorce could possibly be something to be advertised?

That is really, really strange...

texas said...

Because divorce is something to be proud of? Disturbing...