Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Aggie Catholic Priest Featured in Houston Chronicle

Fr. Chris Plant is one of our Aggie Catholic priests. There are pics of him as well as a quote in an article about Confession. Here is a snip from the article.
Lent remains a popular time for the sacrament, a holdover of a practice known as Easter duty. Canon law directs Catholics to receive Holy Communion at least once a year, and traditionally Catholics have gone to confession during Lent to be forgiven of any mortal sins before receiving the Eucharist on Easter Sunday.

Parishes across Houston meet the demand by adding more times for confession or holding parish-wide penance services where at least a dozen priests at a time are available.

At Resurrection Catholic Church in Denver Harbor last week, the Rev. Christopher Plant went back and forth from English to Spanish as he instructed about 75 people to think about where their lives have strayed from God's teachings before dispersing them throughout the sanctuary. Priests tucked in corners and sitting in pews leaned in and nodded slowly as parishioners - from high school students in Catholic school uniforms to dads and grandmas - privately confessed their sins.

"It's less and less of the minimal approach and more the conversational," said the Rev. Clint Ressler of St. Rose of Lima in Garden Oaks. "It's really a spiritual art to listen, to ask what they are saying while being delicate and not too probing."

Some Catholics prefer to be anonymous, confessing from behind a screen or curtain. But many times the sacrament takes place face-to-face, with priests actively coaxing them through the process.
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