Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Why Would A Congregation Applaud a Homily? Because A Priest Gently Preaches About Contraception

Thanks to Jen Fulwiler for posting about Fr. Jonathan Raia's homily on sin, the HHS Mandate, and Contraception. Fr. J is a great guy and a friend. He was assigned, as a transitional deacon, here at St. Mary's Catholic Center for a year. We were blessed to have him and he is a great priest. But, this topic is difficult for many priests to handle, but he does a masterful job, which Jen describes.

Here is a snip of her post on the homily:
A couple of weeks ago, our priest gave a homily about contraception. While speaking about the Health and Human Services mandate, our associate pastor, Fr. Jonathan Raia, made a few allusions to the fact that the Church believes that contraception is bad. There were over a thousand people packed into the building, and a slight but noticeable tension developed as he inched closer and closer to the subject. This most controversial of Catholic teachings had been splashed all over the news in recent days, ridiculed and denounced throughout popular culture, and the question hung in the air: “Is he going to go there?”

He did.

You can hear the whole homily on our parish website here. In the second half of his talk, he gently but unflinchingly explained that the Catholic Church teaches that contraception is wrong. He gave a bit of background about the reasoning behind this stance, cleared up some common misconceptions, and pointed people to resources where they could find out more about methods of Natural Family Planning. As he spoke, the thought came to mind:

I think we’re finally ready for this.
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I highly recommend you listen to the entire homily.

Furthermore, the US Bishops continue to fight the mandate, releasing another letter.


TheCatholicScienceGeek said...

Something similar happened two weeks ago when the priest talked about the mandate after mass. He had a beautiful homily...but this after-mass briefing is what stood out to me. I started clapping a few moments after he had ended...and much to my surprise, the entire church started clapping as well. I certainly did not anticipate this reaction...but was definitely encouraged by it.

theramblingsofacrazyface said...

Fr Jonathan has been the priest who has helped my Husband and I and our 7 kids into the Church. I can't even begin to tell anyone how much this man means to me and my family. He is a holy priest, who loves Jesus, loves Christ's Church and always ALWAYS speaks the truth in love. I have given him such a hard time over the last two years, and I am so thankful to God that he never gave up on me. He married my husband and I and is the only person on this planet that could have ever made sense of the Church's teaching on sex and love to us. We were chaste for 3 months before our wedding and while that may not seem like a big deal to anyone, it was to us. We would have never been able to do it without God's Grace and Fr J's speaking the truth in love to us. Thank you for posting this. Praise God for giving us good priests!

PS I love Fr Dean too, but if you tell him I said that I will call you a liar. :D