Friday, February 10, 2012

The Voice of Millennial Generation Catholics

If there is a voice for Millennial Generation Catholics, it has to be Bad Catholic. He is a college student, at Franciscan, and is one of the best young authors I have ever read.

He makes me look like a chump. In fact, he makes most Catholic bloggers look like amateurs.

Go check out his latest post and see if you don't agree:
That’s right folks. I woke up this morning and the Church was the shizz. This is first and foremost because we have been rudely placed in the position of rebellion, and of the advocation of civil disobedience. To those who understand the teachings of the Church, this rebellion is nothing new, it has just been suddenly and fantastically stuck in the public eye. (Thank you, Department of Health and Human Services.) The Church already rebels against the twin monsters Socialism and Capitalism in her teachings, and strives instead after the principles of subsidiarity, in which the human person is neither an economic tool nor a cog in the machine. The Church already calls us to rebel against the culture of death, against abortion — of course — but with equal fervor against euthanasia, unjust war, the unjust use of the death penalty, suicide, terrorism, and any attacks on life.
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