Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Planned Parenthood is Urging Calls to Administration. Catholics Need to Call Too

This is a new ad by Planned Parenthood which trumpets the HHS mandate to require full insurance coverage of sterilization, abortion drugs, and contraception.

We need to call our representatives and let them know what we think too.
Use the number at the end of this ad to contact HHS and the Obama administration. Use Planned Parenthood's ad for good!


Frank said...

Sign the petition to rescind the HHS mandate at the White House while you're at it too.

Unknown said...

Not taking into account the fact that long-tern use of the pill increases a woman's chances of ovarian cancer and breast cancer, the argument that it helps prevent women from having the pain of endometriosis or it prevents cervical cancer, then my family members who are insulin dependent diabetics should get their insulin without a co-pay, too. This is just too much! Sorry, PP, once again your logic is flawed.

katiebait1 said...

They all get free birth control, all they have to do is go to the health dept. They give out the pill,& do pap
and other things all free. So this is not about affordability it's about control.