Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The One Thing Contraception Can Guarantee 100%

What do birth control pills, condoms, etc. promise? That you can have all the pleasure of sex without the consequences. But, do they deliver?

I don't think they do. The two main reasons those who push contraception/condoms give for doing so is they prevent disease and prevent pregnancy. But, is this promise false? Look at the evidence:

  1. preventing disease - recently 1.35 million condoms were recalled for breaking. Many AIDS patients were worried they spread the disease to their partners.
  2. preventing pregnancy - today 1 million birth control packets were recalled because they may not prevent pregnancy.

We haven't even touched on the broken hearts, failed relationships, emotional baggage, wounded souls, deadened consciences, increase in divorce, failure to truly care about someone else, failure to love, etc.

The only 100 % guarantee you get with using contraception is that it isn't worth it.

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Ann said...

Nicely to the point--bravo!