Monday, February 20, 2012

5 Simple Ways to Share Your Catholic Faith On Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday is a great time to share your Catholic faith with others. Therefore, below are five simple suggestions on how to do just that.

5 Simple Ways to Share Your Catholic Faith on Ash Wednesday
  1. Explain why you have ashes on your forehead. It is inevitable that if you get your ashes early enough in the day, you will run into someone who tells you that there is something ("dirt", "smudge", "stuff", etc.) on your forehead. Remember, they are being polite in telling you this. So, return the favor by explaining what the ashes are for (a Biblical sign of repentance) and share your faith by explaining Lent and Ash Wednesday to them.
  2. Invite someone to Mass with you. Anyone is welcome to receive ashes on Ash Wednesday in a Catholic Church. They need not even be Christian to receive them. This isn't the case for Communion though, so it is a good time to explain our liturgy, belief in the Eucharist, basis for Sacraments, etc. to them. If you don't know a good way to explain why a non-Catholic cannot receive the Eucharist, then this explanation should help.
  3. Discuss lent with your social media network. Most of us are connected to others through social media. With these connections come the availability and opportunity to help them come closer to Christ and His Church. So, start a discussion about what lent is for, what it means, or what you are doing for lent. Keep it positive and encourage all to participate in lent.
  4. Fast and Pray for others. The heart of evangelization is found in our prayer. We cannot help others if the source of our spiritual life is not deeply rooted in Christ through prayer. Since lent is a time of "increased prayer, fasting, and almsgiving", we should use this increase in our prayer and fasting for others.
  5. Invest yourself in a relationship with a new friend. To make any relationship work you have to invest time and effort into it. You must open yourself up to the other person and truly love them. True love would always want what is best for the other person. What could be better than helping them know Christ and the Catholic faith better? Ultimately all effective evangelization comes down to good relationships. So, spend your time investing in others!
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Justin Michael Schwartzbeck said...

That looks like Fr. Chris! Is that Fr. Chris?

Kuba said...

in most european countries including Vatican the ashes are sprinkled on the top of your head so you don't have to walk around looking like a crazy person. not sure why in the english speaking world the ashes are smudged across your forehead, i find that strange, out of line with what the Pope does and simply reinforcing the myth of Cathlics doing weird things.


Brad said...

Ridiculous, Kuba. Crazy person? Strange? Weird? Could you be more hostile?

Matthew 5:15
Mark 4:21
Luke 8:16

Marcel said...

Brad - I don't think it was hostile, just a puzzled look at another culture's way of expressing the faith.

Kuba said...

didn't mean to sound hostile, just wanted to express a cultural shock. You don't see any of that on the Old Continent.

I have no problem with the ashes being smudged across the forehead, it does make sense in the context of the liturgy, but it doesn't make any sense outside of it.

Also, if you take into account the Gospel reading that says "when you fast, wash your face" and yet millions of people take pride in doing the opposite.

I'm happy to be corrected.

Have a blessed Lent,