Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Don't Miss Video of the Year. Seriously.

This video made me laugh out loud, bring me to tears, and it caused me to think. It was created by a class of Alabama middle school students and it is one of the best videos I have EVER seen. Please share with others.

We tend to forget that others are broken, in need of love, vulnerable, and searching. The pain, fear, and experiences that the people in this video share, is perfectly put together, in the midst of walking down a school hall and forgetting that all of us are human. We need one another and I for one take others for granted too often.


Ebeth said...


Sofia Gonzalez said...

:) Very very neat video! BTW, I was so so blessed to have found this blog! You're all very very blessed to have Newman Centers! :)

All the best St. Mary's!

From a University of Guadalajara (Mexico) college gal!

Elizabeth said...

Simple and very affecting. Excellent.

George @ Convert Journal said...

Definitely a good video.

There is an important flaw however, in the one-dimensional labels. In the video, everyone is human and 1 other thing. Of course, we are each many things and thinking of ourselves as only this or that is very limiting. It is a self-constructed (and false) box.

It happens all the time. People see themselves as Democrat or Republican where other views of issues should be considered (e.g. "Catholic"). Or they define themselves as gay when SSA is only a small part of who they are. Also, when we do this to others, we ignore the richness of who they really are. One attribute becomes their "defining attribute".

Marcel said...

George - I don't see it as a flaw of the video so much as a flaw with our culture. In fact, I think the video brings out the fact that we limit ourselves with narrow labels, by finishing with the label "human" which covers us all.

Joseph K. said...

Marcel: Very moving video, I had the same reactions you did.

That is just it, this isn't how *THEY* see themselves, but how others see them (or call them) or how they *THINK* others see them.

The conversion is that they shed these signs (labels) to realize the basic substance of what they are... human.

Christ did exactly that. He humbled himself to become like us... human - Man. We bow or GENUFLECT at this fact during the Mass. I see this as similar, obviously not as amazing, because this is simply a recognition that we are human, and God chose to do so.

crazylikeknoxes said...

Homo sum - humani nil a me alienum puto.