Thursday, December 22, 2011

Security Blankets and Christmas

Fr James Martin wrote this on facebook:
Yesterday on The Washington Post chat a reader mentioned something beautiful that I had never noticed: When Linus recites the story of the Nativity in "A Charlie Brown Christmas," he unexpectedly drops his security blanket. With the Word of God he has no need for any other security.
See for yourself:


Dodie said...

My favorite part of the show!

Wade St. Onge said...

That's awesome. I usually pick up on that stuff when watching movies and shows, but I never noticed that. Thanks for sharing - it's just one more reason why this is my favourite Christmas special.

Sir Yert said...

He drops it right after he quotes the angel saying, "Fear not!" What beautiful subtlety and imagery! My esteem of Mr. Schulz continues to increase.