Thursday, December 15, 2011

Amazing Priestly Drum Solo

This is one rocking priest. Truly amazing drum skills.

Thanks to Fr. Brian Soliven who sent it to me. Here is the description of the video:
An impromptu exhibition of drumming skills of Fr. Rich Mastrogiacomo from New York. Taken during the ordination reception of his friend and classmate, Fr. Brian Soliven, held at Good Shepherd's Church, Elk Grove, California. 
Fr. Rich is the youngest ordained priest in the history of the church in the United States. Congratulations!
The next video is of Fr. Christ Downey, former Associate Pastor of St. Mary's (now a pastor at another parish). He was a former professional bass player in rock bands before becoming a priest.


Mangia Mama said...

How great! Our pastor plays the electric guitar, and one of our seminary professors (who had been a pastor in WA) plays the violin~ both very well! It's a terrific thing to see these men whom God has called to the priesthood using their musical gifts too. Thanks for sharing!

Travis said...

I like how Father Rich keeps it humble with the Sign of the Cross afterwards!

Deacon Steve said...

Ok, so how old (young) is Father Rich?