Monday, November 14, 2011

A Breathtaking Visualization of Life - From Conception to Birth

This is an amazing visualization of human life. From the TED series of talks, this one is by Alexander Tsiaras, who is a master at helping make the human body come alive by computer animations and visualizations. He also freely admits that the body is a mystery that can only be explained by divinity.


Tip o' the hat to Terrance for sending this to me.


Anthony Gentile said...

Great Video, Just one comment though. At 12 weeks(4:27) it states that there is an indifferent penis/ girl or boy yet to be determined. That is not true. Sex is determined at fertilization. It should have read genitalia are not formed yet.

Marcel said...

Anthony - actually you are incorrect. The sex is set as soon as the egg is fertilized (through the DNA), but the gonads are not developed to the point of being able to be differentiated yet. This is the point in the video.

Anthony Gentile said...

Marcel, Thats what I said. Sex is determined at fertilization. The video only said "girl or boy yet to be determined." The point I was trying to make was that the video should have made it clear that the sex had been determined at fertilization but the sexual organs hadn't formed yet.
Is that clearer than my original comment?