Monday, October 24, 2011

We Are The 1%

No, not the 1% that is being occupied on Wall Street.
Rather - the Catholic 1%.
Here is what we look like:

The good:

The bad:

What does this tell me? The Church has a number of great gifts which are not being used by the Church.

What should we do about it?
5 things that will turn around the bad and expand the good.

  1. Live the faith - we need saints.
  2. Teach the faith - especially to adults. The Church's catechetical documents focus on this, but our parishes focus on kids.
  3. Form disciples who pray - if you don't know how to pray, you don't know Jesus personally.
  4. Share the faith - our faith is personal, but never private. Why wouldn't we share it with others, if we truly care about them?
  5. Pray for our leaders and for those who have fallen away. Prayer changes lives.


BarbnAggieland said...

Hey Marcel, You cost me gas $$$ because I had to drive around for 2hours just to hear your interview with Barbara McWhiggen Saturday...time I was supposed to be studying, btw. So yeah, gas & study time. But it was so worth it!!! You were absolutely awesome - I've been telling everyone...including thanking Dennis Macha *again* for bringing Red-C Catholic Radio to Aggieland. For some reason, I'm having trouble getting the live streaming on my computer, so that's why I had to keep driving around. :) Loved it!!! And just bought your book.

Marcel said...

Glad you liked it. We did that interview a few months ago and had a great time.

Justin Michael Schwartzbeck said...

As far as the Bible study thing is concerned... I may be wrong, but to my knowledge there typically aren't a whole lot of Catholic Bible studies out there. Am I wrong on this? This is going from what I've been told. I've heard that St. Mary's is an exception on this.