Monday, October 3, 2011

The Church Whisperer is Coming to Aggieland

If you haven't heard of Rocco Palmo yet, you should get to know about him. His popular blog, Whispers in the Loggia, is regarded as The blog for insider information for the Catholic Church. Rocco will be speaking, here at St. Mary's Catholic Center, this Thursday at 7:00 PM. It is a talk you don't want to miss.
A recent article about Rocco in The Baltimore Sun has a lot more about him. Here is a snip:
A 28-year-old guy living in his parents' basement in South Philadelphia just might be one of the foremost experts on the Archdiocese of Baltimore, if not the whole American Catholic Church. 
Rocco Palmo facetiously calls himself "The Church Whisperer," and over the past six years, his blog has become a must-read for ecclesiastical insiders. After starting with just three readers a few days before Christmas in 2004, Palmo has built up a audience of roughly 500,000 unique visitors each month. When he attends church conferences, he's treated like a rock star. Archbishops line up to shake his hand. 
His most recent scoop occurred last week when Baltimore's own Archbishop Edwin F. O'Brien was appointed to the prestigious post of grand master of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. The news broke in Palmo's blog, "Whispers in the Loggia," on Aug. 27 — two days before the appointment was officially announced by the Vatican. 
That's not bad for a guy who, unlike his competition in the Catholic press, has managed to develop highly placed sources in the Holy See without ever having lived inRome. It's not bad for a guy with a college degree in political science who learned journalism on the fly. And it's not bad considering that Palmo is covering a notoriously secretive institution whose sources could be excommunicated for slipping him information. Continue Reading.

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Brandon Vogt said...

That's pretty sweet! What's he speaking on?