Thursday, September 22, 2011

Through The Eyes of a 3 Year-old

I have the cutest kids (thank God for their mother). They constantly bring me tons of joy and remind me just how little I know about life and love. Sometimes they just crack me up. Here is one of those times.

My youngest, Elise, is 3 years old. A few weeks ago, my wife and our 5 kids went to visit my wife's only sister and her family while I had to work all weekend. My sister-in-law's two girls are both in high school and my kids really love spending time with them.

So, after attending a vigil Mass on Saturday, my wife agreed to take the kids to the Bible church my sister-in-law and her family attend instead of waiting around for several hours by themselves on Sunday morning. The kids generally thought the service was "weird", the music was "too loud", and the pastor, "talked too much".

I wouldn't expect any other reaction from my kids.

During the service Elise was sitting on the lap of her 16 year-old cousin and had the following conversation about another difference she noticed:

Elise - "Is that your priest?"
Cousin - "Um, yes that is our priest."
(not wanting to confuse a 3 year-old by distinguishing between a Catholic priest and a Protestant minister, she answered yes.)
Elise - "Why is he dressed that way?"
Cousin - "That is what he always wears on Sunday."
Elise - "Well our priest wears a dress."

Did I tell you that I love my kids?
I do. Gold star for Elise.

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