Thursday, September 8, 2011

College Class Teaches Population Control, Guided Meditation, and Abortion

What would you do if you attended a college class that taught the following:

  • Abortion and Contraception are part of a healthy sexual life.
  • Guided Yoga Meditation as an alternative medical treatment.
  • A woman's fertility should be treated as a disease.
  • This highlighted sentence:

A concerned student sent me this. So, what would you do?


Riley said...

1. Pray
2. Know your rights as a student and take them in account in deciding whether to remain in the class. Is the cost to self greater than the benefit?
3. Meet with the professor. Discuss the course requirements and ask questions. Can you fulfill these while respecting your beliefs?
4. Peacefully advocate, educate, and evangelize sharing the Truth.
5. Pray some more. For the professor, peers, and those who believe these lies.
6. Arm yourself with the Truth during class time.
7. Seek humility and strength.
8. Continue educating yourself on the Church's teachings.
9. Seek guidance and additional prayer from others.

Fenjay said...

It looks like a survey (Never, Always, Sometimes) rather than a test. Is there any more context to what sort of document it is and why it's presented?

That said, the "questions" do seem to lead the answerer to a certain conclusion.

Christina said...

I would drop the class and go to the department which offers it, to let them know that I find the material offensive and misleading. And like Riley said, I would pray about it, and hope that the school would take it down or make serious amendments to its curriculum.