Thursday, August 25, 2011

World Youth Day, Fr. Barron, and an Aggie Catholic

While at World Youth Day, one of our interns from last year, Brittany Brown, met Fr. Robert Barron. She was wearing an Aggie Catholic t-shirt and Fr. Barron told her how grateful he was that we post his videos frequently and how impressed he is with our campus ministry. Here is a pic of them.
But, the thanks should go to Fr. Barron for delivering the Gospel in such a compelling way and making it applicable to so many in our culture. The truth is the Catholic Church certainly has the fullness of truth, we just don't communicate it well sometimes. Fr. Barron gives us what the Church needs - he communicates the Good News of Christ to our modern world in an attractive way.

Below is Fr. Barron with a great reflection on World Youth Day. His part on how the media portrayed the event is very insightful.

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Spence Ohana said...

How cool! One day I hope my kids can attend a WYD.

I totally agree with Fr. Barron on the media.