Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How Women Objectify Men

How men objectify women is talked about frequently, but how women objectify men is not. Simcha Fisher (one of the best Catholic bloggers around) has some great thoughts on the matter. Here is a snip:
By reducing his worth to the work he can do for her. This is an easy trap, because men often do show love by working hard, and women are often in a position where they need a man’s help. I, for instance, am about as useful as a burned-out refrigerator toward the end of each pregnancy, and my husband does more and more of the work that ought to be mine.

Even though this is only fair (and I am getting some high quality gestation done, after all), it’s important that I let him know that I appreciate his willingness to go beyond his normal duties. I need to let him know that I’m not just glad that someone’s doing that laundry—but that I’m accepting his help as a loving act, making it part of our relationship.

Relatedly: by treating her husband as the sole proprietor of her emotional well-being. Now, a woman who loves a bad man is a miserable woman, and that’s certainly his fault. He should want to make her happy, and he should try to figure out how to do it. But after a certain point, a man has to care for himself, too. His happiness counts, and she mustn’t behave as if her desires are essential, but his are pesky.

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Kylene said...

Great post by Simcha!! I don't think many women, or men for that matter, consider the objectification of men as a problem in society, but it definitely can be a problem and can lead to many failed relationships.