Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Must-Read For Every Young Woman

I remember how much I hated dating. It was a drag on my mentally and I really had no desire to participate in it. Looking back on it now, I believe I didn't like dating because of the goals I had set for it. I accepted the popular assumptions that the goal of dating is to use a person for your own selfish reasons.

I wish that I had half of the wisdom that is contained in the book How to Find Your Soulmate without Losing Your Soul by Jason and Crystalina Evert. It might have saved me a lot of heartache and misery and the women I dated as well.

The book is aimed primarily at young single women. But, it is not just a chastity book or a dating book. The content goes much deeper than that. It looks at cultural, psychological, anthropological, sociological, and religious reasons why the modern idea of dating drags many women (and men) down.

The tone in the book is very friendly, but straight-forward. Yet, there is no negativity toward women who have made mistakes in the past. Rather, there is a call to follow the path that will lead women toward true happiness in search for a love that their hearts desire. Of course this search will take patience, prudence, and a lot of work.

Each of the 21 chapters contains loads of stories that Jason and Crytalina have gathered through their travels around the world giving talks on chastity, love, and relationships. They have talked to thousands of young women and men who have poured their hearts out about relationship problems and successes.

The book is practical, challenging, and well-written. I give it 5 stars.

How much did I enjoy this book? I just ordered 88 copies (bulk orders are only $2 a book) to sell at the front desk of St. Mary's.

If you are a young single woman - I can't recommend this book highly enough. But, I also recommend it for young single men. You can learn a lot from it as well.

FULL DISCLOSURE - Jason Evert sent me a free copy for review.


Lals said...


Is this book appropriate for high school aged girls? Or, should it be saved till they are a bit older?


Marcel said...

Very appropriate for High School girls.