Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hugh Hefner is NOT a Hero

CBS had a feature on the Sunday Morning news program (Sunday morning seems appropriate, does it not?) that made Hugh Hefner out to be a great man. I don't know if I would call it news as much as fluff.

A quote from the transcript:
Around the centerfold, the magazine published controversial authors, discussed controversial topics.

"We know about the sexual revolution," Hefner said. "People are less aware of the part I played related to racial equality, gay rights, the changing of drug laws. We were the amicus curiae, friend of the court in Roe v Wade. It gave women the right to choose.

"All these big issues, he was there, and I believe in those many rivulets, is how he made a difference," said Berman. "All these little things make up the total of who this man is."
What we find is that Hefner not only helped tear down the moral fabric in our country through porn, but also abortion and other evils. Of course, he has "no regrets":
"The whole concept that somehow Playboy turned women into sex objects - that's part of who they are! Thank goodness! It is the attraction between the two sexes that gives us civilization."

For that, he has no regrets ... and no plans to stop.
He admits to making women into sex objects, degrading them, guiding them to abortion, and celebrating it all. Hugh Hefner is no hero. As another commentator wrote:
Hugh Hefner is more than a mere icon. Not only does he represent so much of what is wrong with America today, he helped us get here. He mainstreamed pornography, sexualizing not only women, but young children. He fanned the flames of the sexual revolution, mocking virginity and traditional values. He was a prime mover in supporting Roe v. Wade, opening the door to abortion on demand in America. He helped launch SIECUS, paving the way for "comprehensive" sex ed to be taught in classrooms across the country.

Given his legacy, there are few men more deserving of media scrutiny than Hugh Hefner. And few less deserving of pandering profiles shamefully broadcast by CBS News.

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