Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Doctor Says Drunken Sex Is Too Normal

Some interesting thoughts on how to solve a sad problem.
He said some of New Zealand's biggest problems - including youth suicide, sexually-transmitted diseases, drink-driving, drug abuse and family violence - stemmed from a culture that said, "If you can remember what happened yesterday you haven't had enough fun".

Drunkenness was "normalised" in New Zealand.

"We have to stigmatise this behaviour, the same way we stigmatise littering in the street," he said.

"We need a nana revolution."

Grandmothers who had stable marriages were to be admired and used as role models, rather than "older sisters who came home drunk".

At this week's Forum on the Family conference in Auckland, 52-year-old Makary said numerous women came into his clinic unable to remember who they'd slept with.

Yesterday he expanded on his concerns, saying that in such cases "sex is not love-making but downgraded to paddock-mating".

Model nanas on the other hand represented love, respect, commitment and family.

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