Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Young Adult? Catholic? Live in Diocese of Austin?

If you answered "yes" to all of these questions, then you might be interested in this message from some young adult Catholic in the Austin Diocese who are looking for like-minded people to help them with a New Media project benefiting the Church. I met some of the people who are organizing this effort after a talk I gave in Round Rock, TX a few weeks ago:
Thanks again for the wonderful talk you gave on evangelization the other day at St. Williams, it was extremely energizing. In that vein we here at Austin Catholic New Media would love to give the students at St. Mary's an additional venue to evangelize. One of the missions of ACNM is to create a "home base" for the people of the Austin Diocese, where they can get local Catholic content that is produced within our own Diocese. We are looking for additional voices to add to our stable of bloggers and podcasters. Would it be possible for you to reach out to the students at St. Mary's and see if there would be any interested in participating as contributors to ACNM? We are interested in either blog contributors, new podcasters, You Tube vlogs, or any other way the young adults at A&M might feel called to share. Lastly I would ask that you pray for us and our mission, we are all very passionate about spreading God word in the digital continent, but won't be able to do it without spiritual support.
Please pray for them. Also, if you are interested in helping them in any way or contributing to their project, then you can contact them here.

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