Thursday, June 9, 2011

Top 10 Reasons Women Should Dress Modestly

Top 10 Reasons Women Should Dress Modestly

10 - Modesty reflects an understanding of who a woman truly is.
Modesty starts inside a person's heart and mind. Who am I? Why do I exist? If a woman answers she is a beautiful daughter of God, then modesty will naturally follow.

9 - Modesty isn't about dressing in unattractive clothes as some think it is. 
There are too many options in clothing to not give modesty a try. Yes, it might not be the first thing on the rack you go shopping for, but it is worth finding clothing that brings out a woman's beauty without revealing too much.

8 - Modesty attracts the kind of guys you ought to want to attract.
If a woman is afraid that she must turn a man's eye by dressing immodestly, then she should ask herself just what kind of guy does she want to attract?

7 - Mary dressed modestly.
Truly there is no more beautiful woman who ever lived than Mary. Why wouldn't any woman want to be more like her?

6 - It helps protect women.
A woman can still dress to be beautiful, but the mystery of a woman's body is protected from being used. Modesty provides a needed defense against usage.

5 - It sets a good example for others.
Young girls and teens need good examples of beautiful women who are modest. The attacks of immodest are Legion and we need a good counter-example.

4 - Women are worthy of respect.
Respect can be easily lost when a woman tries to promote herself by being immodest.

3 - It helps your brothers to avoid lust.
Women would be shocked if they were to enter the head of the average modern young man in a crowded room of immodest women. This isn't to blame an immodestly dressed woman for a man's sin of lust. But, men today need all the help they can get to fight lust and sin. Won't you help them?

2 - It shows true beauty.
A woman't true beauty comes from her dignity of being made in God's image. If any woman wants to truly reflect God's beauty, it starts with modesty.

1 - It is a virtue.
Modesty is a virtue that helps control behavior so we do not excite the sexuality of another. It is also a fruit of the Holy Spirit. All of us could use more virtue in our lives.


The Ironic Catholic said...

You know, this is good. But could there be one for men? If not dressing modestly, a ten tips for custody of the eyes or something?

Marcel said...

I have posted a lot more on lust than modesty, but I think a top 10 list is in order.

Prayer Warrior said...

I wanted to find something that addresses this issue. Thank you.

Subvet said...

Bravo. Well written and timely.

Caroline said...

Beautifully written... Thank you!

Adrienne said...

Yes - specifically the pamphlet: Marylike Standards for Modesty in Dress - I posted the other day. Modesty inside and out with specific directions from Pope Pius XII. He spells out what exactly how to dress, and knocks out personal opinion.

Men ought to cover, and although not too tight garmenys, shoulf get rid of those disgusting baggy off-the-waist pants. A modest heart directs all.

Ryan said...

For the benefit of your readers:

If a woman dresses immodestly she is culpable of mortal sin when she does so to incite a man to lust, and may be guilty of mortal sin even if it is not her express intention. It participates in the sin of scandal and she is, in part, guilty of provoking the lust just as the man is guitly of lust. That we say, 'this isn't to blame an immodestly dressed woman for a man's sin of lust,' is what St. Thomas has issue with. They are exactly the agents of temptation who need be blamed for this grievous sin of lust.

Teófilo de Jesús said...

I'm in Afghanistan right now and let me say that we don't mean that women should dress in burkhas!


Clare said...

Great list. The aspects of beauty and virtue in modesty seem to be rarely mentioned, oddly enough.

leslieannerabbitt said...

Thank you for this timely post. I am going to approach our Pastor to mention this in his homily as summer approaches. Was appalled to see teenage girls in short-shorts and tank tops at Mass recently and the teenage lector (lectrice?) in a miniskirt!

Bob said...

I also believe modesty is not only in the hands of our women but is a need for us men as well! "You are" what you project in mannerisms, dress and attitude towards others!

Kate said...

I like this. So often growing up I was told to dress modestly solely to keep guys from lust. Now I know there are even more important reasons for me to dress modestly that are tied to my own identity and not just about others.

Marcel said...

Ryan - I don't disagree with St. Thomas here, but most modern women don't dress immodestly for that purpose.

Divina Joy said...

Beautifully written. I love this post.

De Liliis said...

Regarding modesty of the eyes. . .

'"It is not," says St. Francis de Sales, "the seeing of objects so much as the fixing of our eyes upon them that proves most pernicious." "If," says St. Augustine, "our eyes should by chance fall upon others, let us take care never to fix them upon any one."'

St. Alphonsus Maria de Ligouri (c.f. Holy Modesty & Purity)

Margaret Mary Myers said...

Very well done! Thank you for sharing this balanced view on women dressing modestly.

Jonathan said...

Excellent article! Though I did have an important question about the need for modesty in the modern age...
Aren't you afraid that our righteous cause will start to dwindle if our modest women are unable to secure men due to their temptation being exploited by the less pious among us? I know you said that modesty allows women to attract the kind of man they want to attract, but those men are being gobbled up by those harlots around us. We're losing our youth one man at a time, drawn away by scantily clad women... Is the only solution to isolate our children and shelter them from these temptations?? This concerns me greatly... please give me your thoughts on this problem!

Marcel said...

Jonathan - I believe your fear is unfounded and without evidence. A good Christian man is going to be attracted to a virtuous woman.

I know a number of serious Catholic men who are struggling with purity issues and yet would never date a woman who dresses immodestly.

Marcygoosie said...

This should be published in every parish bulletin and diocesan newspaper. I will submit it and see what happens. Summer comes and women and girls, oh and men too, come to church like they were going to a picnic. What happened to respect for the blessed Eucharist? We no longer believe is what our dress says. If we did, we'd dress like we were going to visit a king. Well I have news Jesus ia a KING! RESPECT AND HONOR HIM!!!

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

I look forward to giving this to my daughter's. I can never seem to explain modestly in a way that they don't think I'm a prude or a mom who is just a mom who doesn't get it. Thanks!

Jen Brown said...

Ryan the problem with that is it makes women responsible for a man's sin. Men choose to lust. While we ALL are responsible for our brothers and sisters, I cannot make you choose to sin.

Not bad, Marcel, not bad. I think I sent you another post-but upon reflection (and it was late) it was a bit hasty.

I would, however maybe, change any modesty talk to one of shared responsibility. Women can choose to dress better because they are beautiful and we get to show the world what God can do. Men help us by protecting us-whether from other leches or from themselves.

I might also change the "should" to -how can we bring beauty to the world? How can we bring Christ to the world? How can we present ourselves in a way that attracts people to Christ? I weary of "shoulds". We can see this area as a place to bring grace, beauty and virtue to the world, just by how we present ourselves. And you brought this out quite well. Thanks!

But of the many posts I read on this topic, I walk back my previous post (which you may or may not have posted-if you haven't don't!)