Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Texas - I am Proud of You!

Great video of how to reach out and love strangers.

Tip o' the hat to Matt.


Deltaflute said...

I saw that piece when it aired. The thing that I noticed the most was how in New Jersey the concern was over the lives of the teenagers and them making "the right decision for them" as opposed to the right decision for everyone including the baby.

In Texas, it seemed that they were trying to protect all parties. Including how the teenagers might feel in the long term as well as other options like adoption. There's much more thought put into it and they don't seem to tell the couple what to do. They want to help the couple sincerely find the best solution for everyone. That I applaud.

There's also another clip in Texas about a gay couple in a restaurant where a waitress accosts them for having children. What I applauded most was the fact that people told her that treating people, whether you agree with the lifestyle or not, that way is inappropriate. It's totally against Church teaching to mistreat any homosexual. So I applaud Texas for that too. Tolerance and Acceptance are two different things. You can tolerate a person but you don't have to accept their choices. And clearly Texans get that message loud and clear. Bravo.

Katy said...

WOW! This is so wonderful to see. I am afraid that I do not know if Wisconsin would respond in the same way.

djalk said...

I grew up in HP/UP, proud of the Park Cities.

Tom in Vegas said...

Now I love Texas, too! :0)