Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fr. Corapi - Come Back To the Priesthood

A passionate call to Fr. Corapi to come back to his vocation of the priesthood.
This will be the last post on the Corapi situation, unless something else major happens.

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Tip o' the hat to Deacon Greg.


Milano Running Mom said...

Thank you so much for this courageous report and entreaty to Father Corapi. We must continue to pray for him. You guys are amazing! Thank you for doing this.

Priest's Housekeeper said...

The Fr. Copari story makes me sad. He had his critics. He also brought some people closer to God.
He is probably not in a good place right now. Whatever opinions we hold, we need to practice charity, show compassion and offer some serious prayers.
I wish him well.

Amelia said...


Alex B said...

Thank you for making this video. This whole chain of events surrounding Fr. Corapi has reminded me how under attack every priest is, to some extent or another, often not as dramatic as this but it is important that we pray and fast for all our priests especially those who aren't embracing what they were made for.