Monday, June 13, 2011

A Commercialization of Exorcism?

There is a unique fascination with exorcism and exorcists. So, with that in mind, tell me what you think of the following commercial. I won't give away the surprise, but I will ask this question - is it:

1 - Offensive.
2 - Witty / good advertising.
3 - Not sure.

Please explain your answer. Thanks.


Dalton said...

Personally, I'm not really sure what to think about it. First, I will commend the maker for the creativity. However, I feel that it mocks the presence of the devil in the world. I think that there is a underestimation the power of Satan in people's lives today. While a commercial like this is funny, i think it leads down a road of ignorance to a very serious matter.

Fr. Robert J. Carr said...

I enjoyed it, though the "scary" part was a bit too heavy. There are two issues with the devil, ascribing everything to the devil and nothing to the devil, both are harmful. Even the church requires that all other causes are ruled out before one can look as to whether the cause is possession. Failing to do that can be quite harmful for the one who appears possessed but is not. So that said. I enjoyed the concept, just a little too heavy on the "scary" part for a commercial.

jason.m.jones said...

I agree with Fr Carr that there was too much buildup for the payoff, but that's a style concern. I personally don't have any moral concerns with it, and thought it was witty. It wasn't irreverent or belittling and didn't push any morally wrong agenda. One could say that it minimized the role of Satan, but I think that may be reading too much into it. The punchline is overreaction, which can be funny in a good-natured way because we all do it at times.

Pie Pellicane said...

I agree with Dalton. While I loved it and found it hilarious, it would be a great commercial if all the world had a well formed consciousness of evil. Since, however there is so much ignorance I think a commercial like this is not appropriate for society in general.... I must repeat however that I LOVED it!

adeaconswife said...

I thought that the end was funny and I concur with Fr. Carr.

Mark said...

I'm sorry... I can't believe any intelligent person could ever see this as other than 1. Offensive... It's obviously trying to downplay the existence and (although limited) power of the Devil, the power of the Church and the Exorcist in Christ, and Christ Himself because only through Him can exorcisms even be done. This is not funny, it's a mockery... I can't believe the comments I reading here; it makes me said to see Holy Mother Church treated this way by her own children. I'm sorry, I want to protect Holy Mother Church and God from the vicious attacks of the Devil, through sin and man's corrupted reasoning in today's world. Dr. Scott Hahn even says in the Lambs Supper that the Devil has his own mystical body, in that all who sin truly (whether they desire to or not) unite themselves to the mission of the Devil in seeking the ruin of souls.