Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Boys Are At War

Below is a manifesto from my son Dominic (9), and two of his friends. Combined, the three boys have 9 sisters and only one of them has a little brother. So, they really have bonded as brothers-in-Christ. Maybe after reading this I should say they have bonded as brothers-at-war-with-girls.
The boys have been gathering a army to fight agenst the girls.
We bilt this army and this army only shall stand agenst the forces of evel.
We will fight too the end of this war.
The leaders are gathering clues.
Clues that will put an end to this war.
We shall stand.
We will stand to the end of this war.
We will stand till they have fallen.
We will stand in our darkest hour.
They cant stop us now.
We are strong.

signed by
Jonathan Gulde, Dominic LeJeune and Blaise Rother (in each boy's handwriting)

(misspellings have been retained to prove authenticity)
Thanks to Lauren (Jonathan's mother) for finding this and bringing it to my attention. My reaction was mixed - I don't know whether to laugh, congratulate Dominic, or send my four daughters into hiding.


Devin Rose said...

Love it! Can't wait for my boys to do something like that.

Kimberly said...

Hm...I think you should do all of the above!

Diane said...

Believe it or not, someday they will be each other's best friends! It took a while, but now that my 2 boys and 1 girl are in their 30's, they've never been closer. There is hope!

Nârwen said...

You do realize that by tipping their hand on the Internet, you have taken away most of the advantage for the boys ? Once those girls get the counter-attack going, those little suckers are dead meat.