Tuesday, May 17, 2011

10 Reasons To Love Being Bald

As a shiny and proud bald man, who really doesn't mind that The Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh My Hair Away...I have a list for you:

10 Reasons To Love Being Bald

  1. Save  money on haircuts and hair products. 
    -I will save somewhere between $5,000 - $10,000 over the course of my lifetime.
  2. Save time.
    -I don't have to fix my hair, dry it after a shower, or even look in a mirror most days.
  3. Look better with a goatee (or any kind facial hair)-Have you ever noticed how many bald guys have goatees? It is because they look so stinkin' awesome...
  4. Never get carded.
    -We carry our "over 21 ID" loud and proud on top of our heads.
  5. No "hat head"
    -I can take off a hat and never have to worry about what I look like once I go inside.
  6. No dandruff.
    -No hair = no flakes.
  7. Bald guys are more "manly".
    -Baldness is caused by testosterone. Duh, winning!
  8. Bald heads are more touchable.
    I never got random head rubs before being bald. Now some people can't resist.
  9. Cooler in the Texas heat.
    Natural air conditioning.
  10. God made us to be this way.
    FYI - Most of the really cool male Saints were bald.


Faith said...

# 10 You sure you're not confusing a tonsure with baldness? ;-)

Gert said...

Gosh is this narcissism gone wild or what? Now I have to say, having been really bald recently from chemo, the save time reason is true. But I am truly enjoying seeing my hair growing back and love brushing it. Having said that, I never met a person and said to myself "yuck, they are bald." It's kind of like skin color, one rarely notices it unless attention is called to it.

Marcel said...

Narcissism? No.
It is a joke...

Keith said...

I guess when life gives you lemons...

Regarding #1, you have to offset the hair product cost with the additional cost of sun block for the dome.

The Bible accounts related to baldness are interesting. Samson, upon losing his hair, lost his extraordinary strength. Of course, we also learn from 2 Kings 2:23-24 that we should never, ever, make fun of a bald man.

ezekiel2626 said...

But I am a woman, not a man. Just can't find happiness having male pattern baldness.

Marcel said...

Keith - I wear hats more often than not when in the sun.

maribee said...

So how do you know when it is time to shave the rest off,...vs. keeping what you have while you have it

The Okvist Family said...

I think it helps get rid of a lot of vanity people can easily get caught up with who have hair. Just look at the John Edwards "I feel Pretty" hair video. haha.