Friday, April 1, 2011

I Am Going on A 40 Day Silent Retreat - Blog to Shut Down

Fr. David Konderla, Pastor of St. Mary's, has asked me to go on a 40 Day Silent Retreat. He said, "It would be better for everyone if you were either gone or just didn't talk for a while. Maybe both." Then the idea of a 40 day silent retreat just came to him.  I have to admit I agree - sounds like fun.

So, while I am away the blog will shut down - except for daily video updates from my silent retreat, where I will let you know what is happening, using various gestures and charades. The videos will be no longer than 120 minutes or so each.

In the words of Fr. David, I will be "shipping off within the next few hours."

Mike Macicek, the Director of Liturgy and Music, who works for me will be put in charge of all activities I was responsible for. He was happy to see me get this opportunity and shared his excitement with me saying, "That is great! You won't shut your mouth and now I have to do your work and mine."

Sounds like he can't wait.

Well, I am off to the Boca Grande retreat center in Cut and Shoot, Texas, Starting tomorrow. God Bless!


Emily said...

Ha. Sounds like a great April Fools joke. Not that I don't think you're capable, but I don't see Fr. David saying that unless you had insulted his kin. Besides, as much as it pains me to say it, I believe you actually serve a greater good by speaking. You're an excellent defender of the faith, either in talks or via this blog.

Amanda Borenstadt said...

The videos will be no longer than 120 minutes each!?! You're going to do charades and gestures for 120 minutes to spread the Faith? That, I'd like to see. ;)

Lady Caitie in the Pretty City said...

Emily, I'm with you.. April Fool's?

I hope!

Er! I mean.. Have fun!

Marcel said...

Yes - April Fool's day.