Friday, August 2, 2013

25 Things I Can't Control

Here is the authoritative list of things I can't control (and neither can you) and things I shouldn't control either. Add more in the comments. If they are good enough, I might add to the list.

25 Things I Can't Control (and You Can't Either).

  1. What others say
  2. What others do
  3. What others think
  4. What others feel
  5. God's will
  6. Natural Disasters
  7. The International Economy
  8. Gas Prices
  9. Traffic
  10. War
  11. Famine
  12. Who is in my family
  13. Dying
  14. Being created
  15. Weather
  16. Balding
  17. Growing old (time)
  18. Physical / Mental limitations
  19. The Catholic Church's teachings
  20. The future
  21. Cats
  22. Cancer
  23. The past
  24. What someone will think about me
  25. Most of life
Of course this doesn't mean I don't try to control some of these things sometimes.
Nor does it mean that I can't control the most important thing  of all - choosing Christ as my Lord.


Charlotte (WaltzingM) said...

I need this list tattooed somewhere I can see it regularly... OK... maybe not the part about the about my dog's digestion instead?

Margaret in Minnesota said...

Apart from, well, Number 16, I can really relate to this list!

Marcel said...

I think my dog got my password and added the part about cats. My cat is not pleased.

Mandy said...

This is great! Thank you.