Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Journey With Christ Takes a Detour Through Aggieland

A great story about how one woman fell in love with Jesus and followed Him wherever He led her. Part of her story takes place here, at St. Mary's Catholic Center. A snip:
A Grand turning point in my life came when I left my family home in Houston to begin my freshman year at Texas A&M University. During the summer before I left I was really very afraid of leaving home. I worried about whether or not I would be able to make friends. I was also worried about keeping my faith. I wanted to have a good support in that respect. I wanted to be challenged to GROW in my faith rather than be challenged to merely RETAIN my faith. I prayed for this, not being able to imagine how it would happen.

At St. Mary’s Catholic Church in College Station, Texas, God answered my prayers above and beyond all of my expectations! During my first couple of weeks of attending St. Mary’s I discovered the faith community and “potential” friends who were also passionate about the Catholic faith. I cannot say enough how thankful I am for how much God has blessed me through those people who became my friends in Christ.

The young people that I met there inspired me, and I soon became involved. I began to attend daily Mass, regular Eucharistic Adoration, bible study, a praise and worship group, and I began to staff the Aggie Awakening Retreats after making the retreat myself. Many of my friends were open to religious vocations and I began to think about it more seriously myself. I began to seek God’s will for my life as I began to trust in His plan of love for me and in His Fatherly goodness and providence.

On December 8th of 2003, I consecrated myself to Mary through St. Maximillian Kolbe. I began to love Mary and know her more intimately, and I wanted to imitate her love and her virtues. I was drawn to meditate on her sorrows and the depth of her share in the Passion of Jesus. I understood that Mary’s love and fiat to God that she gave in the beginning came to an apex in her being with Jesus during His Passion and her offering of Jesus in union with Him.

When I saw the movie, The Passion of the Christ, in 2004, I experienced a strong desire to comfort Jesus in His Passion. I found myself wishing that I could have been there with Jesus in the Garden and on Calvary to comfort Him. I was attracted to saints who were especially devoted to the Passion and to Mary as Mother of Sorrows. Religious life began to make sense for me on a logical level. I began to have a sense that I was possibly being “called” to love and follow Jesus in this radical, exclusive, and whole-hearted way. Even so, I couldn’t quite bring myself to take the initiative to look into it in a practical way by learning about different communities.

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