Friday, March 4, 2011

Imagine Having a Judge Say Your Infant Child Must Die

That is what is happening to a couple in Canada.
Joseph Maraachli’s days have been numbered by order of an Ontario judge. The 13 month old boy who has spent nearly half his life in a London, Ontario hospital was recently thrust into the spotlight when his parents refused to consent to the court-ordered removal of his ventilator. The hospital insists that it is time for Joseph to die. He has lost his ability to swallow due to a fatal, degenerative neurological condition, which makes it difficult for him to breathe without assistance. Nine neurologists who have assessed Joseph concur with the diagnosing physician’s assessment; persistent vegetative state.

The family disagrees with the neurological assessment of Joseph and to counter it, they have posted on youtube video clips of their son grasping at their fingers, kicking his legs and moving his arms in response to their tickles. He appears to respond to their voices. The parents argue that removing the ventilator will not only hasten Joseph’s death, but will cause him to suffer, essentially drowning in his own saliva. They have asked that the hospital provide a tracheotomy so that he can go home and live out his life, cared for by those who love him.

The situation is beyond heart-wrenching for all involved, but proves to be of special interest to diverse advocacy groups, including those of us who work in pro-life outreaches, anti-euthanasia efforts, and even those who are singularly concerned about the erosion of patients’ rights.
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Left-footer said...

Strange how the people who are forever accusing others of nazism are so like the nazis in their attitude to the sick and helpless.