Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Behind Hollywood Shows are Advocates of Radical Agendas

After reading my post "Is GLEE Promoting Planned Parenthood's Sexual Education?" I got an email from a reader who sent me a link to an organization that I had not heard of before, but now believe should be known by others. The group is called - their stated mission is the following:
The Entertainment Resource Professionals Association (ERPA) is a coalition of independent organizations and individuals who work to inspire cause-specific story ideas within entertainment media, and to provide accurate and unbiased public health information to members of television, film and video game industries. ERPA's primary purpose is to serve as a support system and resource for its participants working in this new and growing field, which we call Entertainment Outreach. ERPA members gather monthly in the Los Angeles area to ensure regular networking opportunities. The organization also hosts a listserv for ongoing information sharing.
This group is co-sponsored by The Media Project (a project of Advocates for Youth), and the UCLA School of Public Health. Sounds simple and harmless right?

Not exactly.

The Media Project is a group that advocates for adolescent education of abortion, contraception, sex homosexual identity, etc. Their mission is:
The Media Project, a program of Advocates for Youth, offers entertainment professionals the latest facts, research assistance, script consultation, and story ideas on today's sexual and reproductive health issues, including condoms, pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, abstinence, and abortion.
So, they consult with Hollywood writers, producers, directors, actors, and other professionals to bring their agenda to the table. Are they successful in getting their viewpoints across? They sure are and tout their successes on their website.

The industry respects them and uses them as consultants. They are an outreach service of Advocates for Youth. This group has the same agenda, but with many other goals, including sex education curricula in schools, lobbying elected official, research that supports their goals, etc. They are run by a former executive at NARAL - a national pro-abortion group.

So, now the connection all comes together. The list of people involved includes "educators, researchers, public health officials, public relations professionals, writers, journalists, publicists, advertisers and media professionals, among others."

Here are some of the "facts" that are on the AFY website:
  • Abstinence-only-until-marriage curricula teach that sexual expression outside of marriage will have harmful social, psychological and physical consequences, thereby stigmatizing and shaming students who have already had sex;.
  • Abstinence-only-until-marriage programs discriminate against GLBTQ students who can’t legally marry by expressing relationships in strict heterosexual standards.
  • Advocates for Youth believes that it is time to get over the “condom phobia” promoted during the last eight (8) years. Young people need all the facts about condoms and not just the negative spin from social conservatives.
  • Advocates for Youth believes that birth control is basic health care and that confidential access to birth control benefits. Every person has the right to decide when they want to have children and how many.
  • Advocates for Youth supports removing the arbitrary age restriction for emergency contraception over-the-counter for all women of reproductive age. No young woman should have to face an unwanted pregnancy when a remedy exists to prevent pregnancy.
This is all harmful for our children and society. We need to stand up and oppose these kind of programs and the public funding of such programs that run contrary to the health and well-being of our society.

We also need to support groups that are trying to change the culture of the entertainment industry, such as:

We also need to pray for those who work in the entertainment industry and love them enough to try an influence them to change their ways if they are advocating things that are unhealthy for themselves or others.

8 comments: said...

It's so disappointing. Unfortunately, the media shapes young (and old) minds. It's very disheartening to know that much of the popular media is being produced by colluding organizations like these.

scunninghamjr said...
The culture is in the dumps. Here's a good essay on that

Caroline McCamley said...

Thanks for this very enlightening post. The Fraternity of St Genesius is a group that prays for those involved in all areas of cinema and theatre. It seems that script writers could do with some some serious prayers.

Stan Williams said...

There have been for decades a number of Christian groups that do exactly the same thing (consult with producers and writers) but promote Christian ideals. The one's you mention are excellent (although not familiar with Orion), but then there is:

MASTERMEDIA INTERNATIONAL, who works exclusively with the upper tier of managers and studio owners,

The hundreds at all levels in the industry associated with the BIOLA MEDIA CONFERENCE




Interesting these active groups are all Protestant.

AND there are numerous Christian producers in both the mainstream secular market and the faith-based market that are actively producing good programs with true elements.

Brad said...

It's all satanic. But modern man doesn't believe in the unseen world and its powers anymore. Only (barely) in one power, whom we have simplified from the Angus Dei to the pablum of plush toy.

Steve_B said...

Hardly a new problem! Norman Lear et al have normalizing all sorts of heresy since the early '70's. Television has been the bully pulpit of the left ever since.

Shannon said...

Pasolini - great director, Catholic, gay.
Zeffirelli - great director, Catholic, gay.
Gibson - great actor, great director, Catholic, alcoholic, bipolar
Greene - great novelist, Catholic, bipolar, communist

My point is simple: Great art comes from impassioned souls who are informed by the whole of their environment. Simply having the right intentions doesn't make someone an artist, anymore than it will generate a profitable production.

If people want to influence artistic culture across its vast expressions, then they need to learn how to be artists first and evangelists second.

"Touched by An Angel" and "7th Heaven" don't speak to the same people that "Braveheart" or "The Power and the Glory" do.

Jared said...

Hollywood is dead set against people with principles which fall outside of liberal politics. They make it difficult to get by if you don't want to involve yourself in the production of film or TV which could compromise your eternal destiny.

And while it is true that much of the so-called "Christian art" produced in present-day Hollywood is schlock, a huge part of the picture (no pun intended) is the cost involved in producing art for the mass media.

I left Hollywood in 2007, due to the fact that, in four years in L.A. (where the cost of living is incredibly high), I booked all of three major roles in the stunt/acting field. You cannot survive on that. I've been trying to get back into film-making, on my own terms this time. But the costs, though coming down, are still high.

God willing, I will return. It'll just take longer than I want. Thy Will be done, Lord.