Monday, March 7, 2011

An Aggie Priest Organizes International Eucharistic Adoration Conference

Fr. Florian was a graduate student here at Texas A&M when I was an undergrad. He is a very good man who has a passion for the Eucharist. His passion has been put into practice as the founder of a community named The Missionaries of the Most Holy Eucharist. Its goal is "the establishment of perpetual adoration in parishes and the formation of adorers so that they will be able to love Jesus and make Him loved."

This community will be hosting an international conference on Eucharistic Adoration, with several Cardinals who will be the main speakers. It will be held in Rome on June 20-24, 2011. Zenit ran a 2-part story on Fr. Florian, his community, and the conference. Part I is here and Part II is here.
A snip:
Q: The theme of the conference is: "From Adoration to Evangelization." Adoration pushes the adorer to "let go" and let the Lord act more powerfully through him, thus entering into a renewed trust in him. Does this mean that the new evangelization requires us to let go of our own personal visions in order to enter into a new vision, ever renewed by the Spirit?

Father Racine: Yes, the contemplation of the face of Christ helps me to re-center my life on him. Before the Blessed Sacrament I am led to say, like the young Samuel: "Speak Lord your servant is listening" and not, "Listen Lord your servant is speaking!" It is a school of silence in which I let Jesus speak to my heart.

In adoration, I listen and discover the will of God for me. In fact, I receive not only the understanding of his will but also the grace to accomplish it in my life. Too often Christians have the tendency to become absorbed by many different works, which in themselves are good, but which remain inspired by their own will and not the will of the Lord. The Eucharist de-centers me from myself in order to re-center me on Christ and his word.

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